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Private Label Program


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Private Label Program

Build your Brand Recognition

Private Label Program Diagram

Our entire line of air movers, backpack vacuums, hip vacuums, spot extractors and carpet extractors are available for private labeling!

Our Private Label Program begins first by "Us" partnering with you. Our design team works with you to develop your machine's mold-in-graphic as well as the color scheme. Our Private Label Program has been developed to allow our clients to WOW their buyers with the highest quality products representing their own brand!

Machines are fit with mold-in-graphic logos that may display your company's identity, logo, brand name and contact information. Also choose one to three colors for your machine's roto-molded body that reflect your corporate identity. We have (27) stock colors to choose from and also have the capability to match the bodies to a specific Pantone color.

About Mold-in-Graphics

A mold-in-graphic is a graphic that molds directly into the roto-molded equipment and is not a sticker! By using a mold-in-graphic, your company's logo will never rub or scrape off the unit because it's embedded into the equipment's polyethylene body. Our graphic partner is one of only two companies in the U.S. that can create this specific type of graphic.

The Benefits of Private Label
  • Your private labeled equipment puts you in control of your marketing efforts and price strategies.
  • Your success builds a brand recognition that can expand into other product and market areas.
  • Your private labeled equipment puts your company, brand name and phone number in front of the client with every use.
  • Your machines advertise for you, reminding and encouraging clients to call you with aftermarket and equipment re-orders.

What is Included?
  • Digital Customized Sell Sheets: specially designed with your company name, logo, equipment images and order address.
  • Customized Operating Manuals: explains how to effectively start-up and operate your equipment safely. One printed manual ships with each machine.

How to Get Started

We work with you to develop a mold-in-graphic and marketing materials that are consistent with the look of your current brand. Our design team works will gather your color preferences, logo and contact information and provides you with proofs of what your equipment and materials will look like.

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